Virginia Rowing Club

Good Exercise - Great Fun

Virginia Rowing Club, Inc. - Hampton Virginia - Est. 1989





The inhabitants of Hampton Roads have been rowing on our waterways for more than four hundred years.  

In the early years it was a convenient mode of transportation.  Nowadays, we’ve kept up the tradition as a fun recreation that combines healthy exercise with the joy of being out on the water.    

The Virginia Rowing Club was established in 1989 and for thirty years has welcomed our friends and neighbors in the Hampton community to share the warm camaraderie and  fellowship for which rowers are known. 


About half our members are focused on racing. Several rowed competitively in college.  The other half  are recreational rowers who just enjoy being out on the water for some gentle exercise in the company of like-minded friends.  Of course many of our members do both.


Rowing is a great way for family members of all ages to enjoy boating.  Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have plenty of boats, including single-person, two-person, and four-person boats, so you can row in your own boat, or share a boat with a friend. 


Most clubs charge hefty fees for lessons.  Our club offers lessons for FREE!  And you don’t need to be a member to take our free lessons. You’re welcome to give rowing a try, and see if you like it before you join.

Lessons are available to anyone over the age of 10 who knows how to swim.

It generally takes two or three lessons for a student to learn how to row and steer a boat.  Then they’re ready to try rowing on their own, with an instructor nearby to guide them.  After a few more lessons they’re often ready to venture off and explore the Hampton River, on their own or with friends. 

For those eager to race, we have racing lessons both in sculling (two oars per person) and in sweep rowing (one oar per person).

To request lessons, email our Head Instructor, Red Miller, at


You don’t need prior rowing experience to join our club. You must sign a liability waiver (or have your parent sign for you) that states you know how to swim.  If you become a member, you can row any of the club boats during the open row periods or by appointment any time between sunrise and sunset.  FOR SAFTY REASONS, IT’S STRONLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU ROW IN GROUPS OF TWO OR MORE BOATS. 


Rowing is a three-season sport. We row in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. 


Rowing is great exercise and is much gentler on the knees than most other aerobic sports - so it’s a great life-long sport. 


Our members’ ages run the gamut from thirteen to over eighty.  Our gender mix is also about even - about as many men as women.  


From time-to-time we hold races for our club members on the Hampton River, and occasionally we race other clubs, both at our location and at theirs. 


Recreational Boats:

One Maas Double

One Alden Ocean 18 Doubles

Two Alden Ocean 16 Singles

Four Alden Star Singles

One Maas Single.

One Laser Single

One Edon Single

Race Boats:

One Vespoli 4+ (Four rowers + a coxswain)

One Vespoli Double

Three Peinert Singles

FEES & DUES (2019-2020 Season)

Many rowing clubs charge several hundred dollars per year in annual fees and a hundred dollars or more per hour for lessons.  Our fees are a lot less. 

$150 ...  Individual Member

$200 ... Family of up to three rowers

$50 ..... Additional family members

$100 ... Ages over 60

$50 ..... Ages 18-22

$0 ....... Lessons are FREE!