Virginia Rowing Club

Established in 1989, the Virginia Rowing Club rows on the Hampton River in downtown Hampton, Virginia.

The Virginia Rowing Club was organized in 1989 to bring the sport of rowing to the Peninsula.  Long popular on the East Coast, the sport has gained popularity in recent years in Virginia.  Norfolk has a developed high school and adult program, and the Virginia Rowing Club offers opportunities to experience excellent rowing sites on the Peninsula. 

The club offers both sculling (two oars) and sweep rowing (one oar).  Club colors are red and white, the colors of the city of Hampton.  Team shirts are white and display four red diagonal stripes to mark the 400 years of rowing in Hampton since its founding in 1610.  Rowing is how they got around back then, and we are continuing the tradition.


Rowing is a vigorous outdoor sport that provides a full body workout. Finesse and timing are as important as power and size, so all ages and stages of fitness can participate. Teamwork and team spirit lead to strong bonds of friendship, especially when a group trains and races together.